Steel - Services - Technology

Skills at the centre.  

The Unger Skills Centre brings together the most highly-trained steel construction experts who have worked on national and international projects for years, document technically complex solutions, provide case studies and combine industry knowledge with experience. Our decades-long international experience provides our complete set of skills. Client needs and client service are central to us. 

Solution-oriented value engineering.  

So-called "value engineering" is an effective management method which has been used by Unger for years in order to structure an efficient planning and optimization process. We pay special attention to interdisciplinary teamwork, precisely defined targets and creative solutions. Thus we can provide faster and more-efficient answers to customer requirements. We recognize correlations ahead of time, and show alternative solution approaches which lead to optimal project results. Thus there is an intensive dialogue between clients and Unger's expert team, which provides for a financial and schedule win-win for both parties. 

Computer Integrated Manufacturing.  

All of the processes needed for project realization, beginning from the draft to planning, bid submission, purchasing to production, logistics and installation are networked using CIM programs, and therefore both transparent and amendable. Our use of the most modern software ensures fast and efficient work at every phase. All planning processes, including structural engineering calculations and construction take place in the Steel Design Department and are undertaken using "Tekla Struktures" 3D construction software. Production is controlled from these plans. All data are exported from this database which are needed for further implementation in production and assembly. The software provides an interface to the machines and production areas, all data are synchronized over a central database to the server, and are therefore always kept up-to-date. If needed, connected trades such as concrete, glass or existing buildings can be connected. The Unger Steel Group has been a beta user of Tekla Struktures since 2001, and participates in the continuous further development of the program. 

Efficiency and skills in the service of our customers.

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