Steel - Services - Logistics & Erection

Optimized and efficient.

"Just-in-time" production, short storage times and the ability to meet all deadlines for all internal and external logistics processes ensure rapid construction progress and low costs. After the parts are manufactured, they are put together in the largest possible pieces. This high pre-manufacturing state provides time savings of up to 30% for installation. After starting with quality inspection, the steel structures are delivered on-time by train - the Oberwart factory has its own rail connection - or by lorry to the target location.  

Steel components are screwed together, riveted or welded on site by a top trained and experienced team from the Unger Steel Group. Unger can assemble steel structures at every height thanks to excellent construction site logistics and on-site expert teams; large tonnage, difficult construction site conditions or above-average chords are not a problem. For extraordinarily complex structures, the target position of the steel parts is determined using laser pointers and regularly checked. Countermeasures can be taken immediately if there are deviations from assembly tolerances. This system is employed by only a few companies in steel construction in Europe. In Austria, the Unger Steel Group is the only company that works at this high level.  

Unger can work as a General Contractor to coordinate subcontractors from various trades and has access, if needed, to a large network of reliable partners.