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Unger receives the European Steel Design Award for the diamond-shaped roof at the new Vienna Central Railway Station

Vienna/Istanbul, September 15, 2015. Internationally operating Unger Steel Group proved itself yet again with excellent steel structures and received yesterday in Istanbul the European Steel Design Award from the European Convention for Constructural Steelwork (ECCS). The award was given for the diamond-shaped roof at the new Vienna Central Railway Station. Unger received this prestigious award for the third time: In 2007 the jury bestowed an award for the earthquake-proof "Bucharest Tower Center" in Romania and in 2009 for the West Wing of the city library "Neue Mitte Lehen" in Salzburg.

Unger Steel Middle East FZE builds mega storage warehouses for fertilizer factory in Saudi Arabia

In the north of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Umm Wu'al EPC project is currently being implemented to exploit and process the country's rich phosphate deposits. The Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Ma'aden, commissioned Spanish industrial plant specialists Intecsa Ingeniería Industrial with the development and construction of a new fertilizer plant at Ras Al Khair industrial complex.  In November 2014, the Unger Steel Middle East FZE was commissioned by Intecsa Ingeniería Industrial for steel construction work of six mega warehouses including conveyor systems. The project construction is currently scheduled to start in May 2015 and to complete by end of July 2016, which means in only 14 months of construction, the large halls will be finalized and about 20,000 tons of steel installed.

On-time completion of the diamond-shaped roof of the Vienna Central Railway Station - Unger receives follow-up commission for north-west canopy roof

The on-time completion of the diamond-shaped roof of the Vienna Central Railway Station, which has already won multiple prizes, by Unger Steel Group has been one of the most challenging recent steel construction projects in Austria. Approximately 7,000 tons of steel were assembled for the widely visible 31,000 sqm roof structure, which is equal to the quantities used for the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The new Vienna Central Railway Station has already earned itself a reputation as one of the most significant multi-modal hubs within the trans-European rail network. The spectacular roof made of steel and glass components is a beacon of modern mobility and functionality, giving the train station a unique presence and international significance. However, Unger won't rest on its laurels for long after the successful completion: the steel construction specialist received another bid for roofing over the north-west canopy in the direction of Südtiroler Platz. On-site steel construction works for the project will begin in June 2014.

Termingerechte Übergabe des Rautendaches | von links nach rechts: Architekt Albert Wimmer, Geschäftsführer Unger Steel Group Matthias Unger, Gesamtprojektleiter Wien Hauptbahnhof Karl-Johann Hartig Rautendach termingerecht fertiggestellt 31.000 m² Dachfläche als visuelles Highlight Spektakuläres Lichtspiel Großzügigkeit, Offenheit und Transparenz Komplexität einer Raute: rund 16.000 Einzelteile Folgeauftrag Überdachung Vorplatz Nord-West Unger realisiert Stahl-Glas-Überdachung

Diamond-shaped roof at Vienna Central Railway Station: Unger is entering final stage of construction.

Started in April 2014, the striking 31,000 sqm steel roof of the new Vienna Central Railway Station will welcome rail travelers to the federal capital. The spectacular structure is a landmark of modern mobility and a symbol of powerful dynamism, giving an unforgettable first impression of modern Vienna. In February 2013, Unger Steel Group entered the final building stage of the partially translucent roof structure spanning all platforms, tracks and buildings and creating unique lighting effects by day and by night. To turn the vision of this striking and original roof design by the Vienna Team (a group of architecture, planning and civil engineering firms) into reality, Unger Steel Group was commissioned as a reliable and experienced partner in architectural and structural steel construction by the building owner, Austrian Federal Railways, with the full construction and assembly of his intricate roof.

Winning project - Austrian Federal Railways diamond-shaped roof of Vienna Central Railway Station: Unger Steel Group wins Austrian Steel Construction Prize 2013

With its spectacular diamond-shaped roof for Vienna Central Railway Station, the internationally successful Unger Steel Group won over the expert panel at the Austrian Steel Construction Days, capturing the prestigious Austrian Steel Construction Prize with this technical masterpiece in steel construction. The approximately 31,000 m2 steel roof is a landmark of modern mobility and a symbol of powerful dynamism, as well as the main architectural element of the new Vienna Central Railway Station.

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