Locations & Factories - Core Markets

Core markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Unger is represented in many countries from its strategic headquarters with production in Oberwart and the second production facility in Sharjah. The core markets of Austria, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hungary, Russia and Romania form a solid basis for the further successful expansion of the Unger Steel Group. All services of the Group are available in all sites, in close cooperation with the headquarters in Oberwart.


The Unger Steel Group has been represented in Germany since 2002:

  • Three offices: Munich, Duesseldorf and Berlin
  • Always close to our clients
  • We offer unique service across Germany  

All services of the Group are offered at all three locations. Unger assists companies in their successful expansion, and provides country- and industry-specific skills and experience with many projects of every size for the success of our clients.

Thanks to the specific strengths of the Unger Steel Group, such as

  • Quality leadership
  • On-time delivery
  • Short project implementation times
  • Reliable partnerships
  • Large production capacity  

Unger has established itself in Germany with domestic and international builders. The German Unger Stahlbau GmbH holds all needed certifications and construction licences. It has successfully implemented projects for Airbus, Austrotherm, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Snow Dome Bispingen, Nürnberg Messe, Siemens and many others, showing the broad offerings from Unger Steel Group.

Our Division General Contracting in Germany


The Headquarters and the production facility of the Unger Steel Group are found in Oberwart, Austria. The site is the heart of the company:

  • 390 employees work there now
  • Works on a production area of 30,000 m²
  • About 30,000 tons of steel are processed annually here
  • Know-how and high-qualified Austrian experts 

The Headquarters senior management offers all Group services, from planning to production to assembling under one roof. The national market is responsible on the one hand for regional value added, and holds great importance in retaining its production site in Austria. Especially spectacular and many awarded projects include the diamond-shaped roof of the new Vienna Central Railway Station, the landing stage of the Vienna Twin City Liner or the Galzigbahn in St. Anton. 

With three sales offices in Linz, Innsbruck and Vienna, the Unger Group is always close to its clients, and is a trustworthy partner in construction projects of any size. The office in the inner city of Vienna is the starting point and hub for international contacts, new business areas and markets. Unger's subsidiary in Innsbruck has assisted clients in Western Austria and over the border into Germany. In the fall of 2013, the latest subsidiary was opened in Linz. It now services customers in Upper Austria and Salzburg locally with its own team. 

In close cooperation with the Headquarters, all services of the Group, from its core competence in construction to assuming construction projects as the General Contractor, consisting of architecture and planning, including structural analysis, construction site management and all ancillary and finish trades as well as building equipment to execution and turnkey transfer are offered.


Unger Steel Buildings SRL has operated an office in Bucharest since 1998.

  • About 35 national and international employees work in Bucharest
  • They support many clients in Romania and bordering countries 

Unger also has all the required certifications and permits for smooth and transparent construction projects. In close collaboration with the Headquarters in Austria, this location provides complete country competence coupled with European know-how in all construction areas. Customers from Romania and Europe also trust Unger's many years of experience and expertise, for example the construction materials manufacturers like Baumit, Dräxlmaier, Wienerberger, die Gebrüder Weiss, Austrotherm, Bramac, British American Tobacco and Metro. The Bucharest Tower Center, the tallest building in the capital, is a prestigious showcase for Unger.


OOO Unger Steel runs an office in Moscow since 1992. This office serves customers both in Russia and across Russia's borders.

  • Networks with the Austrian Headquarters and provides top-quality client service
  • More than 20 years' know-how on the Russian market 

Unger has all the local certificates and licences and provides full-service-implementation of construction projects of all kinds. Customers in Russia and Europe benefit from the Unger Group being close at hand car dealership Toyota, the Swiss Holcim Group, the Moscow Porsche CentreMetro and Backaldrin are some examples of our clients.

United Arab Emirates

Unger Steel Middle East FZE is based in the Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah, the second-largest branch.

  • Production facilities on 100,000 m²
  • About 560 highly-qualified European and local employees
  • Cross-industry know-how and years of experience in the core skills of Steel, General Contracting and Real Estate
  • About 40,000 tons of steel are processed annually here  

Projects with tonnage up to 7,500 tons are developed in the entire Arabic area, including in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iraq and Egypt, showing the increasing importance of this market. Unger has taken this growth into account and operates further offices in Abu Dhabi and Qatar in order to offer customers better and faster service. Key references for Unger Steel Middle East are, for example, architecturally important steel structures of the Airport Dubai, the cupola of the Emirates Mall, the roof of the Formula 1 race track in Abu Dhabi and the entry portal to the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, located in Dubai.


The Hungarian market has been one of Unger Steel Group's core markets for a long time.  Approximately three decades ago Unger, as a flexible family business, began its expansion into Hungary and established its first international market there, before branching out to other new global markets.

The production plant in Oberwart is located only about 15 km from the border. Unger has realized a variety of projects in steel and general contracting throughout Hungary for many domestic and international clients. In 2015, a Hungarian subsidiary was opened with Unger Steel Kft., in Budapest.

Previous clients include, among others, Gebrüder Weiss, Wienerberger, Nestle, Leier, Becom and Flextronics. The general contracting department has also been very successful in the Hungarian market and was able to implement large-scale projects of more than 10,000 m².
The Unger Steel Group only last year finished a 12,700 m² project for the German Edelmann Group as general contractor. At the moment, the steel department is realising a project for new client Wuppermann Hungary Kft., with approximately 3,500 tons of steel being processed.
Hungary has been and remains one of the most important core markets of the Unger Steel Group.