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At home around the world. 

As an international family owned and managed company, we conduct business with a handshake from branches throughout Europe and the Middle East, which makes us unique from other groups. Unger focuses on its short decision paths, lean structures, reliability and convention, individual tailor-made solutions. The Group possess all the needed certifications in many countries in order to ensure problem-free, transparent project performance at the highest European level. 

Unger places an emphasis on value creation for the region in each country. Only with good interaction with the local populace can we bring success and profits to everyone. We incorporate our philosophy of implementing contracts with high precision and on time, which helps us in negotiations with authorities and institutions in many countries. Cross-industry and international know-how, complete professional skills in all areas of the construction industry as well as a solid network of long-term partners highlight our contributions on a national and international basis. All Group services, from site searches, financingarchitectureplanning with structural analysis an steel designproduction, logistics, construction site managementinstallation to facility management are available in all Unger branches.

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