Locations & Factories

From Austria and the Middle East to the entire world. 

The Unger Steel Group manages about 20 subsidiaries from its Austrian Headquarters in central and eastern Europe as well as the Middle East, and offers its clients direct access to all of the Unger Group's services

Both strong production sites in Austria and the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE) are logistial hubs for top-quality, on-time deliveries, making the Unger Steel Group an attractive and competitive supplier in the international business market. With a total capacity capacity of more than 70,000 tons of steel per year, a large variety of projects are handled, from small projects to complete solutions for complex and technically demanding construction projects. 

The factory in Oberwart is about 5,500 km from Sharjah. Each of the two plants serves customers of the Unger Group within a radius of 2,500 km. This distance allows for relatively attractive steel transport prices.

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