General Contracting

Specialist and generalist - the Unger Steel Group.  

As a General Contractor, and specialist in turnkey solutions, Unger assumes complete project management, including intelligent building technology from the beginning. Unger offers all services under one roof, and as General Contractor is responsible for the entire project. Unger's long-term cross-industry an international experience and our complete know-how in all construction areas makes it possible for Unger's turnkey solutions to be implemented within a short period of time, and at the best European level of quality. 

We sustainably support our clients on site by adhering to schedules, independent of the country and the current context, and deploying well-trained teams. Complete transparency during all processes and complete traceability ensure that our customers can be secure in their plans and free of concerns. We can access a network of tested long-term local partners as subcontractors. We lay great value on regional value added, despite the high degree of performance we provide on our own. Our optimized project and construction site management and absolute ability to meet schedules assists clients in the advancing construction phases, ensuring that they can continue to concentrate on their core businesses. 

Certified as per ISO 9001:2015 

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