Company - Responsibility

Man, society and nature. 

As a traditional, family-owned company, the Unger Steel Group acts in a responsible and fair way with staff, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders and interest groups. We support certain social and societal projects which we carefully monitor. Thus we lay particular value on regional value-added and sustainability. 

Long-lived and careful with resources. 

Steel is characterised by its long life as well as its simple recyclability. Steel scrap is the second most-important raw materials, next to iron ore, used in the steel industry; it is recycled the most. On average, 44% of steel products are based on recycled material. Steel structures are not only secure against earthquakes; they are also significantly lighter than solid structures. Thus foundations can be smaller, and therefore use fewer resources.

The Unger Steel Group defines their central pinciples dealing with staff, the environment and ethics by an own Charter. You can download the document here:

Charter of the Unger Steel Group